What is a Legacy? A Legacy is a gift after death. A Legacy given to the community in which the person lived is a constant reminder of the donor’s love for their community. It is a chance for them to give back some of the warmth that has been given to them. There are great tax benefits to leaving a Legacy.

If you are awarding a Legacy in your will, you must list the full name of the charity. The full name of this charity is Fort St. James Community Foundation Society, Box 17, Fort St. James, BC V0J 1P0.

This year Fort St. James Community Foundation has received their very first Legacy. It was given by Alexander Gerke in memory of his Aunt, Ingrid Gerke, in the amount of $200,000. The interest from this Legacy is to be directed toward youth.

Ingrid Gerke and dog

Ingrid Gerke and her dog, Skoda, immigrated from Germany to Fort St. James in 1996. She loved dogs and nature and hiked daily with her companions on the trails in Fort St. James. When Skoda passed away after six years, she adopted , Assi, a little back puppy that no one wanted from the SPCA in Prince George. Ingrid also adopted Gully, a dog that found her in the forest on one of her many walks. You would often see them hiking on the beautiful trails in the Fort St. James area. Ingrid passed away August 31, 2015 leaving a Legacy to the SPCA.

Ingrid’s nephew, Alexander Gerke, directed his inheritance from Ingrid in the form of a Legacy, to the Fort St. James Community Foundation with the stipulation that it is to be used to benefit youth.